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Best known for its theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios; we may not know where the city gets its name from, but we do know that the city of Orlando has so much more to offer than wand-shopping at Diagon Alley and snacking on Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream cones.

After years of experience using our magic (and not-so-magic) research skills to break the latest restaurant, retail, and real estate news in cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles, the What Now Media Group is finally in Orlando!

We’re here to help steer you away from some of the theme parks and franchises to bring you the latest news on that mom-and-pop shop that’s opening around your corner, or to let you know when that highly anticipated sushi place will finally be accepting reservations. We’ll often be the first to know of a new business before it even opens, as we lurk in the corners of the internet, sleuthing for newsworthy information to report back to you.

But don’t get us wrong, we’ll have an exciting first scoop on attractions from time to time too! Because let’s face it, theme parks have life-like renderings of some cool dinosaurs and we’re only human.

If you happen to have an “in” or lead on a new restaurant or business opening in your area, feel free to drop us a tip at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.

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What Now Media Group has been breaking restaurant, retail, and real estate news for more than a decade. While our news is not hard-hitting, our mission is to operate at the highest journalistic standards, with bias-free reporting that is both fair and accurate.

Our reporting is original and our journalists independently research and fact check the news against multiple sources as applicable. We will, on occasion, not name a source under extenuating circumstances.

We work swiftly to correct any errors or inaccuracies and issue an editor’s note outlining any updates or corrections to our coverage.

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