Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Expands to the Florida Market

Marc Silverstone will bring the nation’s fastest growing dumpling automat concept to Orlando and Miami next year.
Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Expands to the Florida Market
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Brooklyn Dumpling Shop isn’t just any dumpling shop. The fast-growing concept, which only just opened its flagship East Village location in May 2021, features a contactless ordering system that recalls the automat format of the early 1900s. The first automats took only nickels, and diners would insert the necessary number of coins to lift the window, behind which sat their desired meal.

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Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has updated the technology a bit, but the general concept remains the same. “It’s a touchless experience,” Florida-based franchisee Marc Silverstone said, speaking with What Now Orlando. “Guests come in, they order directly on the POS system, get a receipt, and as soon their food is ready their name shows up on a board.” From there guests take the receipt over to the wall of food lockers, scan the code on the receipt, and receive their hot or cold food through the locker’s open doors.

The eatery has plans to open 250 units within two years, and guess what cities have made the cut. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop recently announced a multi-unit franchise deal with Silverstone to bring at least five stores to Orlando, Miami, and the surrounding areas in the next few years. No sites have been finalized just yet, but Silverstone says you can expect to find one shop in Orlando Metro, one near Disney, and one near Universal. Three sites are also under consideration for Miami, including shops near UM and South Beach.

Silverstone says the stores will have some seating, but for the most part, Brooklyn Dumpling is focused on providing the touchles, grab-and-go experience that the COVID pandemic has generated demand for. The meals are meant to be enjoyed right out of the containers they come packaged in.  

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has 32 unique dumpling varieties including Pastrami, Bacon Cheese Burger, Lamb Gyro, French Onion Soup, Philly Cheesesteak, Impossible and Reuben and Peanut Butter & Jelly. Oh, and those can be ordered and enjoyed 24-7—pretty great, right?

Silverstone shared the expansion will begin with a store in each Orlando and Miami. Both should open late next year. Visit for more information.

Photo: Official
Photo: Official
Eve Payne

Eve Payne

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